• A newly formed group of NJ-based grandchildren of survivors of the Holocaust.
  • We believe that we are at a critical point in time with the number of survivors dwindling rapidly.
  • We are passionate about ensuring that our family members’ stories of survival are not lost or forgotten.
  • We want to use our voices to keep their stories alive by speaking to students and others.
  • By partnering with 3GNY, a successful third generation organization based in NYC, we offer speaker training to 3Gs in New Jersey so that they can confidently tell their stories to others.
  • We have connected with the New Jersey State Commission on Holocaust Education to find speaking opportunities.
  • We host meetings and dinners to network, socialize, hear from survivors, screen Holocaust related movies and reflect on our lives as 3Gs living in a world where anti-Semitism is again on the rise.
  • We are connecting with Holocaust Resource Centers at multiple New Jersey colleges and universities to host joint events.
  • Any questions or want to learn more? Check out our event on this site, email us at 3GNewJersey@gmail.com and check our Facebook page: 3GNJ – Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors.