Cancer Exercise Training

3 One-on-One Personal CET Package

30-Minute Sessions $120
Guest Rate $150


YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Cancer Exercise Training (CET) is the BEFORE, DURING and AFTER partnership between our certified Cancer Exercise Specialist (CES) and those diagnosed with cancer.


* Must have medical clearance by your doctor.
**CES Adv. Qualification: Andrea Leonard 2013



Our program is designed to create strong bodies BEFORE TREATMENT. Work with our individual CES trainer or instructor team to enhance your cardiovascular endurance, create lean muscle, and become educated on good nutrition. This prepares the body for the Cancer Treatment stage.

Exercise DURING TREATMENT* will alleviate side effects common to chemotherapy and radiation. It has also been documented that those clients working with a CES trainer will recover faster and spend less time inactive, limiting muscle atrophy.**

AFTER TREATMENT* training will help correct muscles imbalances brought on by radical surgeries. It may also help increase cardiovascular endurance, enhance lean muscle mass, control possible weight gain from medications, raise self-esteem, and prevent or minimize Lymphedema, Diabetes and Osteoporosis.