About Our School

Our Philosophy

THE MISSION OF THE ECC IS TO CREATE a safe and loving environment that allows all students — whatever their perceived strengths and weaknesses, whatever their personal likes and dislikes —to explore the world around them and to become the best versions of themselves.

As they work to navigate what it means to be a part of a classroom and a broader school community, we want them to try new things; to experiment; to succeed; and, even to fail (and learn how to pick themselves back up). We want them to learn to respect each other, to be empathetic and to value each other’s unique attributes and contributions.

Our thoughtfully prepared learning environments and teacher involvement reflect the children’s interests and promote the development of social, emotional, and physical skills. A love of learning flourishes in a welcoming and inviting setting that is safe, nurturing, and stimulating.

Our Curriculum

WE UTILIZE CREATIVE CURRICULUM to guide our explorations in the classroom. Using developmentally appropriate and research-based curriculum is recommended by the NJ Department of Education and is aligned with the NJ Teaching and Learning Standards. Curriculum provides the framework around which teachers organize the learning environment, experiences, and interactions. Creative Curriculum highlights the important balance between applying a general knowledge of child development with the particular knowledge a teacher gains by forming a relationship with each child and family. In addition, as a part of our commitment to quality childcare, we are enrolled in Grow NJ Kids. As a Grow NJ Kids participant, we receive resources to help our program continue to grow – including coaching, training, and professional development.

Our classrooms are rich with language and print, science and art, blocks, and dramatic play, among other areas. The environment, in addition to our amazing staff, promotes each child’s intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth. Our school celebrates all of the Jewish holidays and traditions throughout the year. In addition, we view the child’s world and our school through seven Jewish Lenses that speak to a way of seeing, thinking and acting; Journey, Divine Image, Covenant, Holiness, Awakening, Interpretation, and Repair of the World. These guides allow us to consider topics that can be adapted and are relevant for children of all ages in our ECC: reflection, belonging, dignity, potential, intentionality, amazement, gratitude, inquiry, dialogue, and responsibility.

About the Blaustein Early Childhood Center

WE OFFER HALF DAY, FULL DAY, AND EXTENDED DAY CARE OPTIONS for children six weeks through kindergarten. We are open year-round from 7AM-6 PM with flexible schedule combinations to meet the needs of all families. Specials such as swim lessons, music, yoga, and art are all included in half day tuition. After school fee-based enrichment programs include dance school, basketball, karate, swim, art, and tumbling.

We believe communication is a key element with our parents and families. We use an app called Tadpoles as a communication tool for teachers and parents. Each classroom is equipped with an Ipad so that teachers can take photos and fill out daily updates for each child. Family involvement is also one of the core values in our school. Parents are welcome in the classrooms to read a story, share an activity, or participate in their child’s daily routine. In addition to the classroom, we offer multiple family programs and activities in the evenings and weekends throughout the year.

Our bright, modern facility is located within the JCC in a separate and secure Early Childhood Wing. We are licensed by the State of NJ and have a high staff-to-child ratio in each classroom. As a part of the JCC, you and your family become a part of our welcoming and caring community. We are proud of our commitment to provide outstanding academic and developmentally appropriate programs for our children.

Interested in more information or a school tour?

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