On Monday, June 4th, our golf and tennis outing went off without a hitch! We arrived at the Raritan Valley Country Club at 10:30 AM to get things started off at the range. All the participants had such amazing skill in tennis and golf, we were all thoroughly impressed and proud of our members. One of the golfers almost made a par two on a hole! After we finished up the last set, we went back to the Club House to enjoy a freshly prepared lunch, where we enjoyed Tahdig. After our meal, we began the second tournament. Each team told us how great of a time they were having before it started. Finally, we added up the scores to see who had won the tournaments. Everyone congratulated them and gave each other a huge pat on the back for the great effort and teamwork. We ate dinner the Kugel that was prepared for dinner and handed out a variety of cool prizes and awards afterwards. Overall, it was a very exciting and fun time for everyone who joined!

If you’d like to join or have questions, call Debbie Golden at 908-443-9003 or email