From Generation to Generation

Provides Extensive Information on Holocaust History.
Establishes a Survivor Registry and Database for our Community
Archives in the Registry Family Photos, Videos and Memorabilia
Gives Voice in the Registry to the Survivors’ Descendants
Provides Programs and Speakers
Provides Student Scholarships For March of the Living

Join Us in Establishing our Holocaust Memorial & Education Center


  • Holocaust Memorial and Education Center $ 100,000
  • Holocaust Programming Endowment $ 50,000
  • March of the Living Endowment (4) $ 25,000
  • Education Centers (2) $ 25,000


  • Cornerstone: $18,000
  • Benefactor: $9,000
  • Partner: $7,200
  • Patron: $5,400
  • Sponsor: $3,600
  • Supporter $1,800

All donations below $1,800.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Registry

Our Registry honors as survivors and victims any person or persons who were displaced, persecuted or discriminated against due to the racial, religious, ethnic and political policies of the Nazi’s and their collaborators between 1933 and 1945.

In addition to inmates of concentration camps, ghettos and prisons, this definition includes people who were refugees, partisans and those in hiding.

Yes. Although we were focusing our efforts on registering survivors and their Descendants from our three counties (Somerset, Hunterdon and Warren), any survivor in New Jersey or Descendant may now register.

Yes. That is what makes our Registry unique. We are Registering 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generation Descendants in our “Voices from the Descendants” Registry so that they may continue to tell their families’ survivor stories.

In this way, we are building our local survivor community. Use the same application form and follow the instructions on the back page.

Yes. All the personal information on the form is confidential. No personal facts are placed on our computers in the Center (like address, email, phone number, etc). You can mark as confidential any fact you do not want to disclose or leave it blank.

Yes. We follow all confidentiality protocols of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC.

Our Survivor Registry is private; that is, it can only be accessed on site in our Center. It is not on the internet. We do not give out your information to any other source.

No. All registries are free.

We will contact you by email or phone to set up a personal Interview listen to your story if you have never registered before, or to gather materials if you have told your story before and want to submit testimony.

Yes. Call 908-725-6994 and ask for Nancy Gorrell for help or questions or email

Yes. We welcome donations of family photographs, but we are not a museum, and therefore, do not have the space to archive or display originals.

But we do encourage you to donate electronic photographs or originals and we will copy and return them to you.

Yes. But we are not a museum, and therefore, we do not have the space to archive, or display original artifacts.

We do encourage you to donate photographs of the artifacts, memorabilia and medals explaining their significance.