Kindness Challenge

Join us in spreading kindness and joy around the community and beyond! In a time where we feel distant, we can connect through our many acts of kindness!

Together as a community, can we fill our Menorah with all of our collective goodness?

Over the next month, we want to hear about all of the good deeds and kindness you have been spreading! Here is what you need to do:

  1. Perform an act of kindness* (See below for ideas!) kindness-menorah-photo
  2. Submit your act of kindness to us through the google form.
  3. Put a piece of gelt (chocolate coin) or a dreidel in our menorah at the JCC.

Kindness Challenge runs from November 13-December 10 (the first night of Chanukah!)

No act of kindness is too small!

Act of Kindness Ideas:
  • Tell 10 people Something You Like About Them
  • Make Someone Else’s Bed
  • Make a Bookmark for a Friend
  • Tape a Video Message for Someone Far Away
  • Make & Send a Get-Well Card for Someone
  • Donate Outgrown Clothes
  • Leave Kindness Stones at the Park
  • Tell Someone How Much You Love Them
  • Call a Family Member and see how they are
  • Learn to Say “Hello” in a New Language
  • Compliment 5 People
  • Pick up 10 Pieces of Trash
  • Tell a Joke and Make Someone Laugh
  • Make a New Friend
  • Be Kind to Yourself & Eat a Healthy Snack
  • Elbow High-Five to a Friend
  • Entertain Someone with a Happy Dance
  • Help Out a Friend or Sibling
  • Say “Good Morning” to 10 People