Supporting Special Needs: Art for Sale

Nicole Oringer, a member of the JCC since it’s inception, saw a painting hanging in the JCC in 2004. It reminded her of her childhood summers spent in Lake George.

The painting was sold, but inspired, she contacted the local artist, Victor Martinez, and commissioned a similar piece. Upon picking up her painting, she learned that Mr. Martinez was a prolific artist. It was then that she decided his art would adorn the walls of her new office for Ivy Educational Services.

Over the years, Nicole would showcase more than 50 of Victor’s paintings. In 2018, when she sold her company she wanted to find a way to celebrate the artwork that she loved.

Carol Chimento joined Ivy Educational Services in 2014. Carol also has ties to the JCC. Her daughter is a member of J Cares, an intern program for Adults with Special Needs.

J Cares has the objective to provide meaningful structured programming that promotes a feeling of independence and value. Interns are supported/mentored by trained staff and participate in an array of social and recreational activities, including but not limited to cooking, swimming, exercising, yoga, arts and crafts, activities of daily living (ADL’s), music therapy, art therapy, current events, computer skills, games, puzzles and more. 

With their mutual ties to the JCC, Nicole and Carol decided to donate Victor Martinez’s paintings to the JCC with the intent that they be sold (at a reasonable cost) to support the J Cares Program at the JCC.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the paintings directly supports adults with special needs at the J.

Nicole and Carol hope that whoever purchases these pieces will both enjoy the art while knowing they made a meaningful contribution that is benefiting an amazing group of people.

Paintings are for sale for the best offer. They can be paid for and picked up at the JCC Welcome Center.

Scroll through the galleries below to see the art for sale.

Small Sized Art 15″ x20″

Small Art

Medium Artwork 22″x27″

Medium Art

Large Artwork 26″x39″

Large Art