Welcome to Virtual Check-In to the JCC

What to Do?

  • Locate your 7 digit or 14 digit ID number from your JCC ID (7 digit) or JCC Key tag (14 digit).
  • Click the green button below and enter your number.
  • The system will record your visit to our website.

If you are JCC member with one of the Insurance Based Memberships below your virtual check in will provide the necessary documentation we need to submit to the Insurance companies for reimbursement.

  • Silver Sneakers
  • Silver n Fit
  • Prime
  • Active n Fit
  • Optimum Renew Active – AARP

Click to Check-in to the JCC Virtually

We look forward to when we are able to welcome everyone back home to the JCC!!
If you have any questions on how to check in or anything in general, please feel free to reach out to Sarah Pollak, spollak@ssbjcc.org or leave a message on my voice mail at 908-443-9015 she will return your call.