What makes you feel good about the JCC?: Stacey and Brad Arlen

Stacey and Brad Arlen have two children who attend the Blaustein Early Childhood Center, and shared their feelings about their children’s preschool experience at the JCC.

“Watching our son and daughter grow and mature at the JCC has been a truly amazing experience.

The unconditional love they are shown each and every day by their teachers, the administrative staff and all of the students and teachers in aftercare warms our hearts.  From the moment they walk into the JCC they are greeted with huge smiles and open arms. Their classrooms are filled with love and learning, and the lessons and traditions they celebrate and share will carry with them long after they leave preschool.  Sending our kids to the Blaustein Early Childhood Center was the best decision we ever made, and we will be forever grateful to each and every person at the JCC who has positively impacted their lives.   We can never thank you enough.”

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